Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A year ..

It has been one whole year since I started this weight loss journey. Not that I had not been trying to lose before, just this time it was different. I was so ready, I knew the tool I needed and set out to do what it would take to get that tool.
It has been a year of up and downs. Happy and sad. Learning and growing. God has held me through it all. As it at times has been bigger then I thought I could do.
One year ago I was teaching Kids Klub at church and loving it, it was such a special thing to me and I felt so very blessed to be used by the Lord to teach those children of His unfailing love. Those times ended, and though it was heart shattering, the Lord has healed my heart, I love Him so and He has grown me and taught me so very much. I wait His next move with much excitement.
Daily time spent with the Lord, is what gets me through, I love His word, and how no matter how many times I read it, He can always show me something new. I will forever be in awe of His amazing love, healing and care.
Had a back surgery that I did not fully understand and ended up with still having problems and am now looking at do I live with the pain or have a back fusion? I am believing for the Lord's guidance, I feel like I am young enough to do it and it could benefit me , yet I feel so old sometimes, because of the pain, so only time will tell. Plus add Fibro to the mix and chronic pain may be something I am just going to have to live with and learn and hopefully I can do it gracefully and be a blessing to others still.
We have another grandchild, and being involved with his little life keeps me so busy. Oh but such a joy he is.Our oldest grandson started Kindergarten today. WOW time so flies.
My youngest son is getting married in a month, I love his bride to be, and am so happy for him, though I find myself grieving the change, it is not terrible grief, just change, I do get a wonderful daughter-in law out of the deal.
It has been a year of clinging to the Lord through times of loneliness and grieving the loss of friends.
Last September I remember it being a sad time, and this year that has not hit. It is nothing short of a miracle. I am enjoying life, I still miss my friends, but the Lord knows that and I try to keep in contact , don't always get response from some, but I love them anyways and pray for them daily.
The Lord knows my desire for fellowship and only He can fill that .
Wow so much in so little time, and it went so fast. I feel good physically, I have enjoyed so very much, learning to eat well and take better care of myself. It is a life long journey. One I do not walk alone. I am so greatful for all the family support . And so thankful God cares about even the little things like needing clothes that fit better, and He gave them to me through my step-daughter and mom. It is wild I made my request known to no one but Him, so it was such a blessing . God is so good, and I am so thankful. So this fall, my favorite season, I am happy and rejoicing in change with out sorrow. The unknow with out fear for I am loved for who I am. And who I will become.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A little poem

I have lost me some weight, and boy I am starting to feel great.
I have extra skin here, there and everywhere, If I were not afraid of heights, with these bat wings I could fly in the air.
I kind of don't mind as I am a grandma, and I think grandmas should be soft and fluffy,
I have spent way to much of my life trying to act like a tuffy.
To protect myself from rejection, Or discord. I stuffed emotions down and with sweets did reward.
So I live each day and learn something new, and thank the good Lord for getting me through!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

6 months

It is officially today 6 months since surgery and 11 months since this journey started. I started with my pre-surgery requirements in late September, and now this August am a size 16 . It is wild. I still have trouble visioning myself as thinner but do like the new me, and love to wear jeans.It is so fun to put on skinny jeans and feel good about myself. To know I still will continue losing and all the life changes I have made. I don't think of food when stressed. I think of ways of positively dealing with things. I love counting calories, and reading about new ways to make high protein meals.
I still only eat about half a cup a meal, though after this months Dr appointment I will be able to start increasing that to about a cup, right now I still get pretty full with the 1/2 cup,  which is fine by me. I am still learning and sometimes make mistakes and think something will be OK and then I find myself sick, but that is becoming less. And for the first time in like 23 years I weigh under 200 pounds that is so wild. My weight starts with a 1 wow. Blows me away. Will get pictures up after the Dr appointment. This is a big milestone  and deserves them.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

5 months

WOW it seems like forever, I basically have adjusted to this is my life and this is how I will eat for the rest of it.
I am at 205 and so excited to be in the 100's soon. It has been so very long, sometimes I can't believe this is happening. I have waited so long for it to and now it is.
It is not the easy way out that is for sure, I still eat very little, I am getting over feeling funny at functions with food, it is OK to socialize and eat a bit and not feel "looked at".
I am still not seeing myself as smaller though I am, I just need to work on my brain more. I think I have always been a nice person, some one who loves easily and wants the best for others, so I have not changed that . Just the size of my body. Got  a few more clothes from my sister so I feel that I have enough for the summer, and that is nice, and now I may break down and by undergarments. Yep those are important, and just not working anymore.
I pretty much know what to avoid, and can now say I rarely vomit, I have added new things and am excited about that. I can try pretty much anything, in small amounts and be OK. It is great, still no eggs or chicken, but I am not ruling out the future.
I am once again after getting better with my back, in a bind with it, it is so unstable and is out and causing so much pain, and so little activity, I totally hate that , I so want to be more active, it gets a bit depressing, but I know who holds my future and He has my best interest at heart.
The babe in the house is 2 months old now, and getting so big, he is a pretty great little guy, he keeps us all busy , busy , busy, but it is a good busy.Oh and when he smiles the whole world is brighter at least that is what this grandma thinks.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Quiet Day

It has been so long since I have wrote any thing. It seems life with a new born in the house is wonderful, yet so very tiring. So as I sit here and listen to my husband nap, the little family out visiting, I find I have a few moments to update life.
I had my 3 month post op visit, it went well, I am not suppose to let myself vomit for 4 hours, instead I need to go to the ER. The surgeon, will check the hernias again at my 6 month check.
I just am staying away from scrambled eggs, and baked chicken, anything to dry yet is just not a food that will settle. And since we know these 2 make me vomit for long periods of time, they need to be retried when I am a year out.
It has been fun though to go out with people again and eat a small amount at a restaurant, well visiting.I am finding myself more adventurous at trying new foods, and so far so good, I have tried shrimp, yummmmmmy, and veggie burgers plain with no bun, are rocking it this week. I kind know my safe foods and stay with them so much it is fun  to be adding more.
My husband and I spent a weekend, in my favorite place Ashland WI. I have so much family there, yes I know I let down my Vikings fan friends, but I love those people so.
I was actually in pictures and did not ask for retakes, I was able to find a bit of stuff to try for meals that worked!! So very encouraging and I got to share my story with lots of family one who has been watching to see how I do, as he seriously needs surgery also but is watching and thinking and I think that is a good place to be in. It is not something you can rush out and do, you have to live with it FOREVER. So glad I took the time to understand it, cause even with the time, it can be a strange new world.
I had labs done at my appointment, and blood sugars were good, and Cholesterol was still a bit high but due to family heritage even thin people in the family have the problem, I will be OK if I have to go back on something, Vitamin D was such a tad low, small tad, just taking an extra Vit D every other day and will re-check in 2 months. So I was glad for those results, still can't get 60g of protein in a day, I figure in 2 months when I can increase my portion size this will be easier, I am such a rule follower, and have made this commitment to stick with this, so I am following and measuring things still, but I think that is good. My weight is down to 215, and I wear a size 18 and they are a bit big on me, Ken got me a few things to make it through for a bit, and My step-daughter will borrow me some clothes to keep me looking fresh. I love the family support and am so grateful for all of them. It is an awesome journey to be on.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

3 monthes

Well here I am 3 months post surgery for gastric bypass, I now weigh 229, my seminar weight was oh my can't believe I am sharing this... 289. the morning of surgery I was 261. So I am down 32 pounds since surgery.
I now am able to walk on my treadmill daily. I have an exercise ball and use that almost daily too, depending on the business of the day. I do like the core strengthening.
There are some foods that go down so great and I do for the most part  feel good, unless I eat scrambled eggs or baked chicken. I just can not seem to handle those anymore, I do hope it is temporary, I can handle egg salad, I can handle a progressive soup with chicken in it , so I think it has to do with dry foods.
Good thing is I am not bored with cottage cheese or Greek yogurt, so I am so thankful for that as in a pinch, they go down great, I can eat them anywhere and feel full and fine and move on.
Also sugar free Popsicles are this girls friend, especially after being sick.
I don't really miss carbs, which is good, as I also can't tolerate them to well. I do OK with a few crackers, but I made chicken soup and dumplings and like I said, chicken in soup is OK, but the dumplings were more then I am used to. So have been feeding it to friends and my amazing , wonderful supportive husband. I am so grateful for the support of family and friends, it has helped so much.
It is wild to not be diabetic anymore, at first I would go to have a meal and think "Oh I am forgetting my metformin" now it is a wild thing to go to bed with out my levimer shot. I have had good blood sugars and gotten low with no terrible symptoms as my body tolerates it so much better.
The little guy in the bassinet is one reason, I am so glad I did this too. I get to live longer and be more active and play with him well he grows up.
My friend was here visiting from MO yesterday, we are the same age, but her kids are 11,7,and 3.. it is wild I started younger so my boys are 25 that is Chad in the pic with me, and baby Edward. Chris is 23 and Here Kim is with little ones and I am a grandma, I don't feel old so I won't go gracefully, ahahah
So all in all life is good. God is good all the time. And I keep plugging away!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

This little one

OK I am bad at the picture thing and will have to have hubby help me , But this little guy was born today at 1:52am, to my son Chad and his wife Tiffany, His name is Edward Allen Peterson,
I am over the moon in love with him. I will love you forever Eddie!