Saturday, June 16, 2012

Quiet Day

It has been so long since I have wrote any thing. It seems life with a new born in the house is wonderful, yet so very tiring. So as I sit here and listen to my husband nap, the little family out visiting, I find I have a few moments to update life.
I had my 3 month post op visit, it went well, I am not suppose to let myself vomit for 4 hours, instead I need to go to the ER. The surgeon, will check the hernias again at my 6 month check.
I just am staying away from scrambled eggs, and baked chicken, anything to dry yet is just not a food that will settle. And since we know these 2 make me vomit for long periods of time, they need to be retried when I am a year out.
It has been fun though to go out with people again and eat a small amount at a restaurant, well visiting.I am finding myself more adventurous at trying new foods, and so far so good, I have tried shrimp, yummmmmmy, and veggie burgers plain with no bun, are rocking it this week. I kind know my safe foods and stay with them so much it is fun  to be adding more.
My husband and I spent a weekend, in my favorite place Ashland WI. I have so much family there, yes I know I let down my Vikings fan friends, but I love those people so.
I was actually in pictures and did not ask for retakes, I was able to find a bit of stuff to try for meals that worked!! So very encouraging and I got to share my story with lots of family one who has been watching to see how I do, as he seriously needs surgery also but is watching and thinking and I think that is a good place to be in. It is not something you can rush out and do, you have to live with it FOREVER. So glad I took the time to understand it, cause even with the time, it can be a strange new world.
I had labs done at my appointment, and blood sugars were good, and Cholesterol was still a bit high but due to family heritage even thin people in the family have the problem, I will be OK if I have to go back on something, Vitamin D was such a tad low, small tad, just taking an extra Vit D every other day and will re-check in 2 months. So I was glad for those results, still can't get 60g of protein in a day, I figure in 2 months when I can increase my portion size this will be easier, I am such a rule follower, and have made this commitment to stick with this, so I am following and measuring things still, but I think that is good. My weight is down to 215, and I wear a size 18 and they are a bit big on me, Ken got me a few things to make it through for a bit, and My step-daughter will borrow me some clothes to keep me looking fresh. I love the family support and am so grateful for all of them. It is an awesome journey to be on.