Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weighty update

Well after 6 hours of sitting and lots of waiting we were done with the pre-op teaching, which was suppose to be 2 hours and was 45 minutes so then had to sit and wait for a nurse visit. 30 minutes past the scheduled time dear hubby suggested I ask  if it would be much longer and they instantly did my visit.I am under my needed weight loss so I was encouraged by that, my vitals were fine.
Now I just have to organize, will see if any of my mom's mad organizational skills are in me. we have to have a list for my pre-op physical, a list for my last visit with the dietitian tomorrow. A list of stuff I must bring to the hospital and have it all packed and ready to go.
So the count down begins only 14 days till the big day. I am ready.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More on the weight front

Saw my PT girl today , she said I could call her that, she has been awesome helping me strengthen my back and getting it straight again, and I am 70% better, I have so much less to no pain now it is Awesome!

Because the Pt has gone so well, gastric by- pass surgery will be Feb 14th now. I went with this option as I am diabetic and it in all research gives diabetes, type 2 any ways the boot, and I want that, I want to live from now on as healthy as possible I feel so badly I have let myself become so heavy and unhealthy, I am the temple of God, He deserves my best.

So the next couple of weeks will be busy preparing and I am excited, nervous and happy. I know It is time.
God had really given me peace and helped me get through all this, it has been so fast and so much learning and my husband has been by my side through it all.I can't thank him enough.
Onward in the journey we go........

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weight update

I have lost all my pre-surgery weight requirement. Such a big thing and I know for some 20 pounds is not hard to lose. But for me it has been a journey, I have had to learn much about who I am , why I am eating, how much, even to  chew more, and make sure I get all 64 oz of water in.
I think the back surgery in the middle of it all was the hardest, I am not able to exercise really yet and when I had all that swelling and gained back all I lost, I did not give up, for me that usually would of gotten me depressed enough to throw in the towel.
So I have been cleared to set my surgery date, we are looking at the first of March as that fits hubbies schedule the best, I am excited and nervous, a healthy nervous, and to have this tool will be wonderful. I have struggled for 47 years now so it will be nice to have the added help.
I have been doing PT for my back, it got some infection in there so that is cleared and the inflammation and the fact my body guarded so much I am now crooked .. SO I just have needed a bit of help to try and get things straightened out.
I just can not believe I finally have  done this. it seems like such a small step, but to me it does feel huge.
SO the next month will be busy with more appointments to get ready and to continue to loss . It is here. it was a fast 6 months..

Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 1 2012

WOW age really does make time go faster, I can't believe a whole year is over.
I am one who believes in loving so  I hope I did that to the best of my abilities, you can't take it back if you didn't .
It was a full year, through many many hard times, and none of them made us crash and burn though at times it felt like it.
Kids moving,growing and grand kids that grow like weeds keep us so busy.
We were blessed to have Dan and Kristy home with the boys for Christmas, they spent a couple nights here , it was the best. They have grown so, I have proof.But am having trouble getting it on here. when I find it I want to post it to see them in little suits is so cute.
This past year was hard, and I do believe God will give us some resolution to some it of it this yeas, As I listen to the wind, I know we will lose loved ones, we have several who are ill. And we will miss them and our hearts will ache, but they will be in a place of no more suffering,babies will be born, I have 2 nieces due around the same time as Chad and Tiff, who found out right before Christmas they were having a boy.
There will always be winds of change happening in our lives. It is staying open enough to go with it, to be willing to learn, to help even if it is just one person have a better day, month year, or life.
I have never been one to know certain plans for when I am old. I just know I will be old.I still intend to do that as slowly as possible.
All I know for certain is I am blessed to be on this journey with my hubby, we spent the day talking, laughing and cuddling. What better way to start the new year, I can't think of any.