Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weighty update

Well after 6 hours of sitting and lots of waiting we were done with the pre-op teaching, which was suppose to be 2 hours and was 45 minutes so then had to sit and wait for a nurse visit. 30 minutes past the scheduled time dear hubby suggested I ask  if it would be much longer and they instantly did my visit.I am under my needed weight loss so I was encouraged by that, my vitals were fine.
Now I just have to organize, will see if any of my mom's mad organizational skills are in me. we have to have a list for my pre-op physical, a list for my last visit with the dietitian tomorrow. A list of stuff I must bring to the hospital and have it all packed and ready to go.
So the count down begins only 14 days till the big day. I am ready.

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