Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weight update

I have lost all my pre-surgery weight requirement. Such a big thing and I know for some 20 pounds is not hard to lose. But for me it has been a journey, I have had to learn much about who I am , why I am eating, how much, even to  chew more, and make sure I get all 64 oz of water in.
I think the back surgery in the middle of it all was the hardest, I am not able to exercise really yet and when I had all that swelling and gained back all I lost, I did not give up, for me that usually would of gotten me depressed enough to throw in the towel.
So I have been cleared to set my surgery date, we are looking at the first of March as that fits hubbies schedule the best, I am excited and nervous, a healthy nervous, and to have this tool will be wonderful. I have struggled for 47 years now so it will be nice to have the added help.
I have been doing PT for my back, it got some infection in there so that is cleared and the inflammation and the fact my body guarded so much I am now crooked .. SO I just have needed a bit of help to try and get things straightened out.
I just can not believe I finally have  done this. it seems like such a small step, but to me it does feel huge.
SO the next month will be busy with more appointments to get ready and to continue to loss . It is here. it was a fast 6 months..

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