Wednesday, February 1, 2012

13 more days

I meet with my wonderful dietitian, J today, she is and has been my go to girl, my cheerleader, and my no girl when needed, we did it . not only did I lose the required 20 I lost 24, I could of cried, it seemed like an impossible task last September, a person who can't lose weight , wanting surgery for a tool to help them is now needing to lose, I must admit I just had so many doubts in myself, but I knew this was my time to do this, I knew I had my families support and I felt total peace from the Lord to go ahead and do it.
Yesterday and today the Lord has laid this verse so upon my heart "Trust in the Lord with all your heart;do not depend on your own understanding.Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take."
Proverbs 3:5-6 NLT
I know God has given me this path, I know in the past I resisted as I wanted it to be me working hard, and didn't want to take an easy road, well this won't be an easy road, and each day I will continue to learn more about myself, and self control and patience. It will actually be very hard some days. but I walk not alone, and I pray it makes me a kinder, gentler, more loving person, I pray the Lord can some how use all the years of feeling less then others cause of  my weight to fly me to new heights in His love for me and who I am in Him and the importance of that above and beyond anything here.
That people not look at me and see only that I have lost weight but that I love Jesus more and more every day, and if they don't know Him, Oh how I am praying they will ask so I can share about my Precious Lord, for he loved me and formed me in m y mothers womb, and He knew the day would come where I would be right where I am.
Oh thank you Dietitan J I love you!

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