Thursday, February 23, 2012

My life since the 14th

So I woke up the morning of the 14th, showered again with the special soap, did my hair, didn't use enough hairspray, but hey I knew they would have Oxygen in the surgery room and I didn't want to blow up. :)
Got to the hospital at 9am, and was taken to the prep room, everyone was nice and it was actually very calming, met with the surgeon, and everyone who would be in the OR that day, lots of people, WOW.
Best part when they finally let Ken come back we got a few minutes to talk and then he had to give me my hug and kiss as they were taking me away.
Upon entering the OR I still was not super nervous. It was the Peace I had asked the Lord to  give me, I truly don't remember anyone telling me I was gonna fall asleep now, BUT I woke up after it was over, it had gone well, and well lets say the pain was crazy, and it made me so fearful. Soon as I brought to Ken and able to have him call my parents, his parents and Pastor and His wife, to pray, I started to feel so much better, the fear left, I was able to get control with the pain meds, and with in hours was walking, I walked twice on the 2nd shift and once in the middle of the night.
My roomate was 2 years in to her gastric by-pass, so that was cool she was in for an injury, from lifting at work. But I don't want to say to much to invade her life. Though it was great to have a seasoned vet able to give me tips on things.
I think I had great nurses they answered all my questions and were so kind and cheerful.
By the next day I had to go down for a Barium swallow study, which I passed no leaks so I was able to have some clear liquids , which would be my diet for the next 8 days.
I also got checked for a blood clots, as after my last walk I started having more swelling in my ankle and calf. I retained so much fluid and had such poor out put, But once the pulled the Foley cath, my body kicked in and did it's thing.Once the Foley was out I was able to manage walks by myself so I spent allot of time walking, learning, they have OT come see you , and the dietitian, the DR for my blood sugars, and since I had not gotten allot of sleep basic none, I took a great nap. Ken slept in the chair, I swear there is something to knowing he is sleeping and his snore puts me out.
So by the 16th they were planning on having me go home, we spent the day just getting things ready and waiting for the DR. I got to take a shower and hang and watch movies and take walks.
the Dr was not out of surgery till, after 5pm so we were late getting home and just basically went right to bed. It was so great to be home! I got up to go to the rest room the first night and one of the steri strips came off, OK seeing your stomach that open makes you yell loud for help, Ken got me bandaged back up but I noticed blisters under the steri strips, hmmm not to good, I called in the morning and they said I need to try and leave them on as long as possible so Ok, the next night, what happens, I was dreaming and rolled out of bed landing on  my tummy on the floor. Called the Dr again, and they said if the wounds were closed I was fine, and so I continued my liquid diet and Monday the 19th the nurse let me take off the steri strips as it was so itchy I just could not handle it and I had hives and bruising all over. Had my pre-op on the 22nd, and they figured I have a wound infection, so I am on antibiotics for that. I was able to start pureed diet yesterday but have laid low today as the stomach welts are still growing and are bruising still. But I still don't regret my decision. I feel OK , I have not been hungry,and seem to be tolerating things well.
If this itching would just go away I think things would be great. So now it is just giving things time to heal, walking as much as I can , and trying to get in enough liquids. Thinking I should be plenty busy.

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