Friday, February 3, 2012

11 days but who's counting

It seems there is lots to get ready, yet nothing to do but wait too. I have lists of all I will need to get before going in, and we will get that done, Ken has been busy trying to finish last minute work, so he can be with me, I was surprised and blessed by how much time he told people he was taking off. He is PT patrol and loves it I do believe, he calls to make sure I am getting my stretches in and when he is home helps with the ones PT showed him how to do.
I spent hours researching protein powders, how fun is that. I think we have settled on one we like and feel comfortable with. Protein is so important and yet to get in enough if I can add it to things that will be great.  Because it is impossible at first to get in as much as they want and hey I like my hair, and do want to keep it.
My sister went down and meet my Dr and" love love loved him" so I am glad we will be having our surgeries at the same place and same Dr so we can really support each other, I will have mine first but it looks like she is only a couple weeks behind me so we can help each other through those first couple weeks, that is so awesome how it turned out.
I am so blessed to have so much family support. I know that will help in the forever part of this.
Now I am just avoiding anyone with colds.. Yep MN in the winter that should be easy,. :)

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