Monday, February 6, 2012

Only 7 more days

WOW, it is moving fast, but I feel like I have been preparing for it so much that it is not freaking me out or anything, went over some paper work with my Dr's nurse today in regards to my pre-op physical on Friday.
Had the worse stomach bug yesterday, I felt it coming Saturday afternoon I just felt off, and sure enough Sunday morning was it's take off.
I am mostly bummed as I missed church. Hubby was good and got me clear liquids all  day and today I got up did PT exercises and some dusting , still not hungry, but everything I do drink is staying down.

I am so set on trying to feel better and "normal" ASAP, after surgery. Since this will be me and who I am for the rest of my life, I don't want to baby myself to much . I know I need to rest to heal, but I wanna be up and moving also.

We have so many lists to do. Maybe I am a bit freaked as Kenny is trying to get lots done and I can't go get things done with out a car, but I know we will, he has looked at all my lists and feels he can get it all done, well see. He is a bit better at organizing then I so I will trust him here.

At church we started Beth Moore's Breaking Free Bible study, been working on that it is awesome, God is so good!

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