Sunday, February 26, 2012

Getting the hang of this....

I think I am finally getting the routine and hang of eating the way I am suppose to and making sure I get in the protein, plus variety to keep me more then full. I am almost up to a 1/2 cup of food at meal times, I drink a protein shake between meals and also lots of water.
Today is the first day I have felt really really good. the infection, allergic stuff is winding down, and my tummy looks 100% better.
My blood sugar readings have been awesome... Now if I could sleep through the night.
Last night I made myself lay here and I did fall back to sleep so I am glad for that. As they want you to follow a routine of eating.
Which was hard to do when I am awake from 2-5am, and wanna go back to bed and don't care about breakfast or food in the least.
There is really something to hunger.. so much of it was in my head. As I don't feel physical hunger. I love it,and I love learning to control my thoughts.
I have noticed I can smell better, now that is the weirdest thing, I have had bad sinus's forever and really not had a great since of smell,boy has that changed.
SO , I am just so grateful for the chance to do this and change my life and live a more healthy  and productive one.

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