Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A year ..

It has been one whole year since I started this weight loss journey. Not that I had not been trying to lose before, just this time it was different. I was so ready, I knew the tool I needed and set out to do what it would take to get that tool.
It has been a year of up and downs. Happy and sad. Learning and growing. God has held me through it all. As it at times has been bigger then I thought I could do.
One year ago I was teaching Kids Klub at church and loving it, it was such a special thing to me and I felt so very blessed to be used by the Lord to teach those children of His unfailing love. Those times ended, and though it was heart shattering, the Lord has healed my heart, I love Him so and He has grown me and taught me so very much. I wait His next move with much excitement.
Daily time spent with the Lord, is what gets me through, I love His word, and how no matter how many times I read it, He can always show me something new. I will forever be in awe of His amazing love, healing and care.
Had a back surgery that I did not fully understand and ended up with still having problems and am now looking at do I live with the pain or have a back fusion? I am believing for the Lord's guidance, I feel like I am young enough to do it and it could benefit me , yet I feel so old sometimes, because of the pain, so only time will tell. Plus add Fibro to the mix and chronic pain may be something I am just going to have to live with and learn and hopefully I can do it gracefully and be a blessing to others still.
We have another grandchild, and being involved with his little life keeps me so busy. Oh but such a joy he is.Our oldest grandson started Kindergarten today. WOW time so flies.
My youngest son is getting married in a month, I love his bride to be, and am so happy for him, though I find myself grieving the change, it is not terrible grief, just change, I do get a wonderful daughter-in law out of the deal.
It has been a year of clinging to the Lord through times of loneliness and grieving the loss of friends.
Last September I remember it being a sad time, and this year that has not hit. It is nothing short of a miracle. I am enjoying life, I still miss my friends, but the Lord knows that and I try to keep in contact , don't always get response from some, but I love them anyways and pray for them daily.
The Lord knows my desire for fellowship and only He can fill that .
Wow so much in so little time, and it went so fast. I feel good physically, I have enjoyed so very much, learning to eat well and take better care of myself. It is a life long journey. One I do not walk alone. I am so greatful for all the family support . And so thankful God cares about even the little things like needing clothes that fit better, and He gave them to me through my step-daughter and mom. It is wild I made my request known to no one but Him, so it was such a blessing . God is so good, and I am so thankful. So this fall, my favorite season, I am happy and rejoicing in change with out sorrow. The unknow with out fear for I am loved for who I am. And who I will become.

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