Tuesday, May 15, 2012

3 monthes

Well here I am 3 months post surgery for gastric bypass, I now weigh 229, my seminar weight was oh my can't believe I am sharing this... 289. the morning of surgery I was 261. So I am down 32 pounds since surgery.
I now am able to walk on my treadmill daily. I have an exercise ball and use that almost daily too, depending on the business of the day. I do like the core strengthening.
There are some foods that go down so great and I do for the most part  feel good, unless I eat scrambled eggs or baked chicken. I just can not seem to handle those anymore, I do hope it is temporary, I can handle egg salad, I can handle a progressive soup with chicken in it , so I think it has to do with dry foods.
Good thing is I am not bored with cottage cheese or Greek yogurt, so I am so thankful for that as in a pinch, they go down great, I can eat them anywhere and feel full and fine and move on.
Also sugar free Popsicles are this girls friend, especially after being sick.
I don't really miss carbs, which is good, as I also can't tolerate them to well. I do OK with a few crackers, but I made chicken soup and dumplings and like I said, chicken in soup is OK, but the dumplings were more then I am used to. So have been feeding it to friends and my amazing , wonderful supportive husband. I am so grateful for the support of family and friends, it has helped so much.
It is wild to not be diabetic anymore, at first I would go to have a meal and think "Oh I am forgetting my metformin" now it is a wild thing to go to bed with out my levimer shot. I have had good blood sugars and gotten low with no terrible symptoms as my body tolerates it so much better.
The little guy in the bassinet is one reason, I am so glad I did this too. I get to live longer and be more active and play with him well he grows up.
My friend was here visiting from MO yesterday, we are the same age, but her kids are 11,7,and 3.. it is wild I started younger so my boys are 25 that is Chad in the pic with me, and baby Edward. Chris is 23 and Here Kim is with little ones and I am a grandma, I don't feel old so I won't go gracefully, ahahah
So all in all life is good. God is good all the time. And I keep plugging away!

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