Tuesday, August 14, 2012

6 months

It is officially today 6 months since surgery and 11 months since this journey started. I started with my pre-surgery requirements in late September, and now this August am a size 16 . It is wild. I still have trouble visioning myself as thinner but do like the new me, and love to wear jeans.It is so fun to put on skinny jeans and feel good about myself. To know I still will continue losing and all the life changes I have made. I don't think of food when stressed. I think of ways of positively dealing with things. I love counting calories, and reading about new ways to make high protein meals.
I still only eat about half a cup a meal, though after this months Dr appointment I will be able to start increasing that to about a cup, right now I still get pretty full with the 1/2 cup,  which is fine by me. I am still learning and sometimes make mistakes and think something will be OK and then I find myself sick, but that is becoming less. And for the first time in like 23 years I weigh under 200 pounds that is so wild. My weight starts with a 1 wow. Blows me away. Will get pictures up after the Dr appointment. This is a big milestone  and deserves them.

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