Friday, May 20, 2011

God does give joy after tears!

I love the story of Timothy learning of the Lord from his mom and grandma, I have Christian parents so I never want to discount my dad, but having raised Chad and Chris alone, I give so much credit to my parents for who we all are today, to have put up with all the raw emotions we all went through, to have to be parents again to the boys when I was mentally and physically unable, they were GREAT and GODLY , they still are ... I myself have prayed for my boys since even before they were born and did try my best to raise them to know that Jesus loved them and that with out a relationship with Him, life would be harder and missing something, No I am not saying just knowing Jesus makes life easier, you still go through hard things, times ,losses, but you are not alone.
  I am a fixer even now with adult children I find myself wanting to fix things for them. I find myself feeling badly for what they go through feeling like some how it is my fault. I have been spending time talking to the boys about their relationship with the Lord.I am not gonna be here forever, they need to learn , and have their own strong relationship with the Living King, I can't do it for them.
Last evening for some reason I had lots of tears about them,I was able to get Chris a new Bible, as I haven't gotten them one since their high school study Bibles.. Chad found one he truly enjoys at an International Bible Givers meeting he went to with Ken, so he had  new one, and Tiff had one, and a very precious dear friend gave Christopher's Rosella a beautiful study bible .. So it was just finding a grown up one for Chris I had left to do. I was so blessed to find him one and give it to him this afternoon, to read some of it with him and have Chad join us... WOW that is what my heart has longed for . To sit over lunch and talk about the Lord and have them listen, to pray with them about the things in life they are going through and listen to the things they feel the Lord has changed in them , to hear them say ... what I have gone through lately has made me grow up and know I need to be closer to God. WOW... What joy filled my heart, and what peace as I let go knowing, I too have to trust the Lord to take care of things, kids always teach me something , I do believe that is why I love working with them even know.
  Oh how I thank the Lord for his word, the boys have decided to read Job, on their own that is what they picked, and so Monday we meet again and they will tell me about it. I told them to read it slow, and ask God to show them something out of each verse. I as always stand in awe of my Lord and thank Him, for this to some maybe a small thing, but to me it is huge. And the joy of knowing that my sons though they may walk through some hard times, will not walk it alone, Jesus will walk with them.

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