Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just thoughts

I love Jesus, I love to worship him, I can sit here in the office and sing and praise Him for hours.
For the last couple weeks I have just not been feeling good at all and yesterday had to miss one of the most special nights of the week to me, teaching Kids Klub. I feel so badly. God has given me so much love for all those kids and I want them to know how very much He loves them, and wants them to know Jesus as their Saviour and forever friend. They are so not alone.
Neither am I in the mist of stress, trials, and illness, I have a faithful God, FOREVER! I run to Him for refuge, He comforts through His word, I love my Bible, Ken got me such a neat study Bible for Christmas. He sends comfort through music, and through His children.
I so want everyone to know Him. It is such a time of hurting in this world, and I just want people to know that Jesus loves them , that we don't have to be a certain way, or wear special clothes, to go to church, that we can come to Him , just was we are and He will lift us up and love us.
It makes me sad when I hear people talk about others, it makes me sad when I do it also. I am praying so that the Lord works this out of my life, that the words that come out of my mouth will be ones of , love, joy , encouragement. That I would speak that way all the time to my husband and Children too, Oh how I fall short with them the most.
I wish it was instant... that I could just be changed in an instant, but it is a refining process, I have learned, sometimes it hurts, others I feel like it is slow, and sometimes I grow weary, but God doesn't stop and so I must not either.

" Lord let my faith arise,help me to be the Jen you want me to be, help me control, my thoughts, my tongue and show me how to be healthy, show me the answer to my silent petitions I lay before your feet, thank you for sending your Son to love, ME... Help me show others your love, acceptance and forgiveness. Help me be a light, salt an example of your precious son. continue to grow me, refine me and use me,In the Precious, Victorious name of Jesus AMEN"

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