Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This is Elliot, he is now 4 years old and he is the most precious, loving, little young man, he made Ken and I, grandma and grandpa, His Birthday will never be forgotten as he was also born on my mom's birthday, so very special to me if to no one else. I love this little man to the moon.

This is Ben, he is now 21 months old and he sealed the loving being a grandma deal, he is funny, cuddly, such a precious almost no longer baby, From  the moment I met him I was in love. His mom and dad share their children well, from the time Ben was about 6 weeks old he and Elliot would get to come spend the night with us, we got to enjoy Ben's first smile, his first laugh, and watch he and his brother become friends. Rock him, sing to him and just enjoy them both so VERY much.....

At the end of January, the boys came to stay for several weeks well mom and dad went to DC. Where Dad had been given a great job offer. Their mission to find a home in Virgina to raise there family. We had the boys through the month of February, and the night before they left was so sad, it would be the last of night time prayers, and kisses and stories for a bit of a long while.

We love skype! It gives us time to see the boys and talk with them and mom and dad, not the same as real life , but it helps so much, though we do often have a few tears every time we say good bye.
Some days it is still so raw on missing them, then I remember it has only been a few months.
God gave them to just the right mommy and daddy, they are happy, healthy and well adjusted.
We miss mom and dad too. Blending families is a different thing, and we blended older children, I so totally thought it would be a piece of cake, but with anything in life that is worth it , it has taken some work to trust, and love. I just pray now that all 6 kids know how much God has grafted them into our hearts and how we love them with such a precious love.

I love the special bond the boys give Ken and I , no one else can be us to them.To these boys I am grandpa's and he is mine. I so thank God for them daily and pray they come to know the Love of their Heavenly Father at an early age.

Love you to the moon boys forever and ever!

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