Tuesday, July 19, 2011

He is

I know God is doing something in our lives, and I know He has our best interest at heart, I tend to not be patient, or lately to motivated to continue the same things, I want change, not sure where, IN.ME. for one, I want to be all God has called me. I am feeling , blessed, excited, stretched , and a bit anxious and frustrated with the new program I will be starting with Kids Klub, I hate when there are Internet glitches, and that is the only problem right now, but I want to also do it all PERFECT. I want these kids to have the best.

I have set up my first appointment to look into the lap band, that has me totally nervous and wondering if it is the Lord or I am lazy, for I don't want the easy out. I know it still won't be easy but I am still working so hard to lose, know that menopause has come early I am freaked by that. it makes me feel like I have lost even more time.....and that I  will continue to be round all my life. pun intended.  HOT FLASHES are evil that is all I have to say about that , in the famous words of Forest Gump.
I think Forest Gump is one of Ken's favorite movies just for the line," I love you Jenny"
He has been working extra hard, and we have gotten some time together when we are not to tired to interface, gosh I have no idea why I love that word, Our Dan taught it to me and I look for reasons to use it lately.
Can I now blame all my goofy thinking on menopause, hmmm I know for so many years it was the blonde thing in me, wow what if now it is both?

I have been missing chocolate, but have not really had a carb missing time, so that is nice, have been balancing the 3 meals and think I am doing OK.
SO every day is another step and that is all I can do is keep walking it..

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  1. Who wouldn't miss chocolate! But good for you, all we can do is try. I have been there before and still. I have looked into lap band also. I would go with 5 small meals instead of 3, it actually works better. Good Luck.