Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A week

I has been a week since I have written, Can't figure out why I don't each day. My blood sugars are so responding well, they are under 150 every morning with several mornings being 117 and in the low 120's more then not, so I am so thankful for that, it is such a good thing, I hated the feeling of having it be to high. My appointment is still scheduled for August 2 to start looking seriously into the lap band, my back has hurt so badly lately that I know the only way to get it somewhat better is to be thinner, I know it can't fix the damage , but every one says it will help. The last few days have been hard, some are worse then others, doing dishes is torture, Wish there was a way to fix the dishwasher.
But I have been trying hard not to lift like the Dr  said.

Been reading and have read and devoured the book " The Call to the Wall" and am now reading  one on fasting. SO excited to see what God is gonna do In my life. I so want more of Jesus and to be more like him. So I have a meeting with my kids klub staff tonight and am so excited , God is so going to do so much in these kids.
 So I am  off to finish my notes and see what I can make my man for dinner.

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