Monday, August 1, 2011

Simple wonderful worship, , How amazing that the Lord of all the earth would love ME!
It is a stormy morning here, and  reflection comes easy... I love storms, they amaze me, the wind, the rain, the rolling thunder, YES I am well aware of the damage they can do. SO aware, the kids house had a tree go through the wall this summer, and yet with all the damage in that area, the wall is still not fixed, they go with out power at least 3 times a week lately.
Yet things are not punishments from God, they happen, BUT .HE.STILL. LOVES!
God is a God of love.. He longs for us. He wants us to be Holy as He is holy, to love as He loves.
Some times I think it is easy to forget that first love for the Lord, yet we are called to it, and as mature believers we are called deeper. To renew our love a love that is deep and costly. It is hard to be attacked, but we are covered by grace and love.
I say this as it is what I am trying to practice, I cry at His love, I cry about the things I would like to be easier or different, I long to see my grandsons, Ben just turned two yesterday, he was 18 months old when he stayed with us last. so much has changed, He is not a baby, he is now a toddler, who thinks grandpa and grandma live in the computer. It hurts , but it doesn't change God's love.
Oh how I long to be known as a woman who loves God, if nothing else comes of my life that when I pass, people will say,"she loved Jesus" I want to be like him and serve till I can't move, Pray in silent for those in need, to pray for the broken world. And to show as much love as I can, as hard as it can be with some people, some people just don't want it. That is so hard for me to understand, to not want love. I have always thought it was a human need, but I have run into hearts that are just so hard, they don't care, or at least are not ready to care or recieve. They need our prayers. Our selfless prayers for others.
I have been so blessed to be in contact with a high school friend who is following the Lord, oh the joy and friendship, and the prayer times, are such a blessing. Something I had been missing in my life.God is so good to have let us reconnect at this time. I cry with joy , each time I see an email, and phone calls just can't last long enough. Having some one to share with about how much I love the Lord, and what is going on is such a blessing. and then to go to HIM in prayer before we say good bye.
It is those small things that get forgotten when one hurts.
Oh Lord I  am amazed by YOU!

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