Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So not feeling simple

I have had such a burning desire to draw deeper to the Lord, and coming off the best week of VBS, 5 little hearts given to Jesus, how precious and special is that, there is nothing better. It was pure straight spot on Bible teaching, the turn out the last night of parents was awesome. Just lots of good from God came of it. Well since I am not trying to hid and act like we are some perfect people cause God knows I am so very far from it.  I love all our kids with that mama tiger love and would do any thing I could for them, but as they are adults now and all have their own opions and desires and WILL! that don't always line up with things I like at all. The last few days have been pure attack in this area. It is frustrating and I know we can't compare one child to the next, but it is hard when one can go through something and learn and grow up so much from it, and another... Oh Lord help up. He is not seeing how he is hurting himself, others or us, nor does he care. Tim will tell you himself he doesn't intend to change, he is happy as is, with a 2nd DWI and doesn't want to change, nor take any responsibility for his actions, and I feel like by now something we have worked to show this young man should be showing in his life and it is not , I know he has free will. and this is a case I am learning that the Lord , will not take that from us. Not gonna lie, I would love even a day for  this boy to see what can come of being good, of having a love and respect for the LORD!  That life is fun and full with out alcohol. But that is not gonna happen so we need to find the right ways to deal with him, and set up healthy boundaries for all of us. and not have to feel divided. Tough love is going to be hard. BUT I know it is time, he can't hurt others and it be OK. Oh I know I pray Ken has the strength, he loves his kids and with Dan moving and being so far away, I see his longing to try and be even closer to the others. I pray we do and say just what the Lord wants us to . Nothing more or less, that we are bold, and wise in our speech and actions. Oh this journey, it is never boring. But the reward will be so awesome. Life with Jesus, yes better is one day in His courts then thousands else where, that is what this girl holds on to and believes.

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