Monday, August 29, 2011

Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Love

WOW, what a week for our kids in Virginia, they had a earthquake, yea .. nothing about it makes me want to try it. and then the hurricane Irene, this weekend. They have come out with out any problems and I thank the Lord for that . To think He loves us that big is always so amazing to me to me, I want to always have that amazing Love for Him and be in awe  of His love  for me. Oh how I know I am not worthy of it, and to be so loved and wanted in relationship by the creator of the whole world, That is big.

Big things are coming up that I have been praying about and for, some exciting, like teaching 252 at church. WOW to be with these kids is so awesome I know I say that all the time, I am praying for boldness, to stand in front of people,it has never been me, don't like lots of attention, so how far I have come is only  through Jesus is all I can say with out His strength  I never could be doing this..
The other thing I have been praying about is 9/11 yes for the US, but also it will mark the 6 month anniversary of the earthquake in Japan, Please see my side bar for Andrea Swarthouts blog,( Andrea's Adventures) she is a missionary and daughter of our Pastor, she has been there through it all, Oh how I am joining her in praying for these people. The conditions there are frightening to say the least. Yet they go on day to day. May they find their strength is given by God, who loves them so.

And life goes on.. OK so yes a Beatles song just traveled through my mind. I love my sisters in Christ, and One who is living out of state just sent me some DVDs and books to read.. One is After God's own Heart, I started it last night at 9:05pm, yes I looked at the clock, and at 10:35pm, felt like I had only been reading for minutes, I am really loving it.
Well it is time I become domestic.. not really wanting to, but hey, once I start I like the outcome!

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