Thursday, August 11, 2011

He is in the garage!

We are actively in the mist of VBS at church. It is a wild, busy, amazing time. Children have such a simple way of looking at life. 3 of them gave their lives to Jesus tonight, Oh thank you Father!
Tonight we had a little one say "Jesus lives in the garage" when asked where He lived. YES I totally am thinking of how to change some of my teaching methods, :) but in all honesty, Are we letting Him have our WHOLE heart, a heart that is maybe broken, maybe shattered, maybe feeling fine, but is He living in all of it, our have we put Him , or only allowed Him to live in the garage? Is it all about HIM!

Oh I want to give Him my all , He wants and deserves it, He died for it. He wants a relationship with us, one where, when life is feeling shattered, and stress is more then I can handle, I don't have a panic attack bigger then life and run out of church just in time to vomit in my husbands peanut can.
Bless you babe for having that handy!

I am the type of person who needs to process things and life feels so rushed and today instead of letting Jesus comfort my heart, and run my life I  think I maybe only let Him into the garage.
Instead of taking a few minutes to sit at His feet and cry and give Him the craziness of the day, I kept going , how often we do that, think we will make time for Him later, and He is a breathe away.
I know He was and is with me but I needed Daddy time at His feet, I needed to have Him looking at my whole heart to see it all. and help me deal with it all. I needed to do more quiet time with Him today. I need to become bolder to shutting things out and having that time, where I bring my heart to Him.
As simple as a child believes what they are taught and believe and know Jesus loves them. That I want, yet with the maturity too He has given me, I want to run after Him with all that is with in me.I want it to be all about Him.
When yelled at by some one in this life, I need to run after more of Jesus, give Him more of me, not just a quick, "Oh Lord make this stop"
When  I am sitting next to my hurting, learning hard life lesson child, I need to have been prayed up to handle anything so I could be supportive, even when it hurts my heart and rips it to shreds to see him pay such a price to learn a lesson, I need to remember my heavenly Father loved me enough to send His son, and watch Him get torn to shreds, hung on a cross, betrayed, and die. And that same Heavenly Father loves my son more then I do... Which must be over the top, as I adore the child to pieces, itty bitty pieces.  I must start looking at the good in this. This beautiful young man will have a few days of suffering but, his out come is now one of total freedom, He is in love and engaged and now can be free of lots of worldly things and be a GREAT husband. He  can look back into employment that is more his style. He sinned , he did wrong and he knows he has a price to pay, it is not easy. The road may be bumpy. But I have to find ways to take my hurt heart to the Father, and believe that as much as He can comfort me He will also my child. I have to be thankful, my child knows to go to His heavenly Father for help. and BE SO GRATEFUL, that he has had mercy shown to him, that he acknowledges, he needed for this to happen to be a better man. It takes a big man to admit he was wrong.

" OH Jesus, help my heart be strong, help me be there for my son, help me not put business and emotions before time with you, Lord, I give you all my heart, full of love and adoration, full of praise and worship to you. Give me wisdom and understanding, Help me be strong, and when my son comes to me hurting help me guide him to you, for I gave him to you as an infant and I give him to you again today, you have allowed me to be in his life and he has blessed me so.Thank you so much for him.
Thank you so much for loving me, for dying for me, for making a way for me. I love you so...AMEN!"

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