Sunday, September 4, 2011


WOW some times I am just so not sure of how many blows can be thrown at ya at once, A little boy who came to church just 3 years old was beaten to death by his mom(40) and boy-friend (24) . Both are in custody, but I still ask myself why? How? Did I love enough like Jesus?
So many hurting young hearts that had babysat him, how do you comfort them? Yes he is on the Lap of Jesus, and no better place then that , but the pain still feels a bit much right now. So lots of hugs and tears and prayers were all I had to give.
Then I truly believed for the best in a situation and I thought it came about only to turn 180 on me this evening. I am so confused, should I keep going, give in and give up, I feel old.
To top it off, my dearest friend and cousin, fell and hurt herself , and her father is dying and because of dealing with the silly issue, I keep missing her call. Oh Jesus thank you for holding me, and hold each one that is missing Devin right now, and comfort their hearts. Holy Spirit rain down your comfort.

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