Monday, September 5, 2011

On the Weight front

Wow feast or famine on my  thinking and blogging, I need to lose 24 pounds before I can have surgery, I think after surgery for stress eating substitute, I will start race walking, as yesterday during stress, I wanted food, boy oh boy, but then I remembered my time at Birch Haven, great place in Clam Lake WI.Where I went to discipleship school, I lost weight and could walk to town in less then an hour and it was 5 miles . I want that back. That is one of the many questions you have to answer going into this, also committing to a life with no diet soda, or you will have weight gain, lots of water drinking, and possible vomiting if you eat to much or the wrong types of food, hey.... the reality is , this is a tool and I need a tool, I have tried and tried, I freak at 24 pounds cause hey if I could lose it, I would of already... also hair loss, that may be vanity. Working through that one. So my journey has begun, I have started meetings, and such and have periods of total excitement and others that dang chocolate thing comes up, but a lady I met through the meetings says the mini chocolate bars become enough and of course you only have one, but she said if you keep to the diet your stomach stays small enough to have one be enough. So knowing now the insurance will pay, and I am starting feels good. When I find a way to scan, we don't have one, will have to blog from my in laws, I will scan in the picture they took of me at the start, it is OK pic, and I usually hate pics of me. So we will do a now and a 100 pounds later one, and hopefully a few in between, unless of course I lose my hair, then all pics are OFF.

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