Thursday, September 29, 2011

Holding On

I am taking comfort in what I feel God has shown me to do with a situation I  have been praying about. It is hard to finally take the step, and yet freeing at the same time. I feel it will bless my  husband  that I have had a rational mind about  it. It is healthy for me and I pray any damage done by my own wantings of things will be redeemed.I know it will as my God is a God of redemption.It is almost feeling like a new beginning, though it is fall, I feel a spring breeze flowing through me. I will let God be God and I will be me, sitting at His feet learning the best way to do that, and sharing His love with others, and Hopefully blessing others along the way.
No more trying so hard to make things work in my flesh, I have not been me for a long time and I feel freedom, having myself back. The me who is simply in love with Jesus . I am so thankful that God holds me. I so need it.

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