Monday, September 26, 2011

Weight loss update

So on my weight loss journey, I am liking things lots, met with a registered dietitian last Friday and it was awesome, learning new ideas for eating,sure lots of people have heard them and maybe I had to in the past , but it was one of those things where you  go" light bulb" it finally was my time to really hear. It has been fun as yesterday we celebrated my honey's birthday and I had the kids eat slower with me, I need to chew things at least 25-30 times, and use the smaller plate, no bigger then 9 inch filling 1/2 with veggies and 1/4 with protein and 1/4 with starch, and that is going well, I love veggies so it helps. God has helped so much with the stress /emotional eating and cutting back on diet soda has helped. I did not know diet soda made you so much more hungry.
Plus we are slowing down the process a bit. I need 5 more dietitian visits at one a month, this way the healthy eating habits will be well ingrained in me, and the increased water won't be so hard to drink,  I will have completely given up diet soda and caffeine.
I feel very positive this is what I am to do, I have the insurance to do it at this time.
And it is time for me, I have never put time into myself , I give it to others, and so I am ready, and it feels good.
So excited to see what time brings, and what life changes will happen. I know  with God it will all be amazing.

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