Saturday, September 10, 2011

Who I am

Lately I have been having some hard days ,emotionally feeling sad, and looking for the right answer. I Believe so much in every word of this song, it is me, God is making me , I wanna be HIS work, not made by
a man, a thought usually negative, or a past that maybe was not perfect, but can still affect me strongly. so I am searching on letting go, and letting God, Oh I have always wanted to serve HIM, even as a young girl I thought about being a nun, serving him full time, mind you I am I am not Catholic nor I have ever been. Just a girl who wants to serve. I don't feel like am a leader though, I love  to serve side by side, to love and give time,love, listen, whatever a person needs.But I am not organized, I am not a great planner, I can do those things but they come so very hard to me, and cause such painful stress.
I truly believe I was not made to lead, but I don't want to give up teaching for lack of leading, Oh I am praying today that the right things work out , and that I can continue to serve, I don't want change, but maybe fall is bringing that in. Oh Lord show me what to do.As I have grown to love each precious child so very much, I only want what it best for them. Your will Lord not mine.

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