Thursday, July 14, 2011

A long time

Been so long since I have wrote on here, it is wild, been busy with new life goals and as always Kids klub at church being a big thing on my heart. Oh how excited I am to continue to see these kids grow in their love for Jesus.
I have decided to document my weight lose journey on here so every day I will try and write something, I have had such terrible blood sugars and so I have been working on getting them lower and very strict following my diet the last couple days has brought them down some. I hate the roller coaster of emotions that come with blood sugar levels going up and down like crazy.
Oh how I admire my newphew who is 5 and had diabetes since he was 3 , he is learning to understand his little body, check his sugars and it is all part of his normal routine , he is so cute and sweet.
 So I need to lose this weight and am even considering the Lab Band surgery as something needs to be done sooner or later, my health is showing  it now and it makes me sad that I have sinned and let myself go so terribly, I know this hernia  and groin muscle tear is the last straw. I want to feel good and this is serious business.
So though it will be tough, I will make it through this. will find a way to post a starting picture and updated ones as they happen.
Accountability, that is what this will be.

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