Thursday, December 15, 2011


Lately I have been thinking so much about Joy, I suppose with Christmas coming you hear it so much more.
Pastor asked us what do we do with Christmas on Dec 26th, and other dates.

So I started thinking Joy, really deep down joy not just happy but always joyful even in bad, hard times or pain.

I went back to the first time I kissed my newborns head oh the Joy, multiply that being the Lord and loving us, WOW. He loved His son yet sent him away to be among men for us, I have an empty nest not the same, but no longer will you hear this girl say she is to lonely for her children. though I will miss them, at least I am blessed to be with them and see them when possible.
I prayed with Christopher today and tears streamed down my face, tears of love and joy, he listened to what the Lord had been sharing with me and said "Oh I love you momma"
He and I are both learning that pain in the offering sometimes makes it so much sweeter, and the offering God gave was  ultimate,
When I compare everything in my life with what Jesus went through it is so small , I know everyone says it, but it has been so revealed lately it is not just a saying, to me anymore.
I know I have been a Christian for a long time and this should all come easy, but I find too, I love that people are different as the body of Christ we are huge and needed in different areas. I don't want to be a cookie cutter Christan I want to be like Jesus.
So having been learning , There is Joy on the mountain tops or valleys if we choose, life is a series of choices, like an addict will tell you each day is a choice, so is the Christian life, will we serve with Joy, and keep it if everything goes wrong? if the car breaks?, if Lord forbid we lose a love one?
Joy for me doesn't mean I am happy that the car is broke, or someone dies, but that I have a Joy that no one or thing can take, Deep down in my heart is a joy that can't go away, even if I lose everything and everyone, as it has been paid for with the highest price, the Death of my Lord and King Jesus.
I can't be whiny if I don't get my way, I have to trust that Jesus is in control and I can keep my joy. There will be many a times I do get  my way and I pray I find them as blessings and not take even a moment for granted.
There will be days I feel pain,in my  heart and body, but those days I have joy, given to me, not earned, by my Love Jesus. I pray, I don't whine and Jesus gives me ways to minister through the pain to others.
I pray in all ways I can minister for Him as He calls , whether it be a phone call, note, or just a smile at a stranger in some way I want to bless others.
I pray that Jesus gives me so many doors open to talk aobut Him... For He died and rose to give me life
And I pray I continue to learn and grow deeper in love and stronger with Jesus. I am so thankful to not be alone, and to have the best pilot running my life. I love where He is taking me, and this journey with Him is filled with suprises, I know He has so much more to show and teach me and I can't wait.

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