Wednesday, December 21, 2011

On the weight front

Boy it seems forever since I have written about my weight journey, got to go see my favorite dietitian ever today, the girl just rocks.
After back  surgery I was terribly set back with the fluid retention in my leg, 9 pounds, it was scary, I have really not been able to exercise, just am starting to walk a bit straighter, but trying hard none the less.But gaining when losing was the goal was a terrible feeling especially when there was nothing I could do but wait and see.
I had noticed over  the last few days cloths starting to fit different, and I was right, I have only 5 pounds to go, doesn't mean I will stop, the more I can lose before hand the better of a start I will be giving myself.
I love this journey, I have tried everything and nothing in my life has worked, and so with Christmas almost gone, and not having even had one of my moms cookies yet, I am feeling like I won't be gaining this holiday season.
I just can't wait till January, I was to see the surgeon on the 29th of this month and set a date, and they had to change it, which is fine as with the fluid retention and pain still, I was not sure when it would leave, so now being back to the losing road is great.
So with 15 pound down ,5 to go and hopefully more, I continue to practice chewing 25-30 times, with each bite, it is boring, I tell ya.but seeing the results is wonderful.I just can't wait to pass that 20 pound mark! I am gonna hug everyone in my path.

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