Friday, June 10, 2011

Bits and pieces

Usually I like to hear things with everything included. Nothing held back, this is what happened and this is what is done about it , or this is how  it will be done and this is what the result will be.
But life as I get older and find I have no or little control over anything , it's given to me in bits and pieces, at first OK maybe still this is frustrating for me, but today finding out some bits was about all this old heart could take, they were bits I longed to know, and thought I was so ready to hear, but after hearing some I am so thankful they came in bits, and that the person sharing them felt the Lord was doing what had to be done in his life. I wish the bits had never happened,I wish I had noticed, I wish I had seen. I wish I could fix everything !
Even if I had known it all , what could I have done but made myself crazy with worry and frustrated the person with questions, and maybe driven him away forever? Oh How I have to rely more on trusting the Lord completely even if it is gonna be painful, and have more patience and let Him work instead of trying to do it for Him, I am so good at that. wish it could be a job, I feel like God's red neck, "get er done" and God is saying, "Sit it down and wait, I will do it in my time"
So I am  once again sitting at the Lord's feet and asking for patience, asking for wisdom, and strength, and a silence till my words can be not of shock , but of "OK, I am listening"
These lessons can be so big, but sometimes I have to know they are not my lessons but someone else's and I am just to support them.

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