Friday, June 24, 2011

A Journey

Wish I could say it was through mountains, or a wild African trip, but it is a book, It is By Mike Bickle " The pleasures of Loving God" and some of it I have loved and others not related to as well, I love the part of falling more in Love with the Lord, and seeing him as a bride waits for her bridegroom to anticipate my time with him with such love, reverence and Awe, and the part on intercession, I LOVE PRAYING, I  love praying for other's, I just love to talk to the Lord. Mom would say I just love to talk, and boy am I grateful I have a heavenly Father who is always willing to listen. 24/7

Today is one of those days where I feel I can't do much but pray , everything hurts, ever joint feels like it is gonna give out, even the TMJ is so bad, hmmm no talking.

Ken is putting in a long day at work as we have had so much rain that he has not been able to, he is building a pergola.. which after pretending I knew what it was for a couple days finally caved and asked, it is an out side kitchen... fridge, sinks cupboards everything. It will be beautiful I am sure, God has given him such talent.

And we have the whole house to our selves, the kids are up to Duluth for a family wedding on their side, and  so I hope we can have time together to enjoy it, already planned Ken's dinner so that is ready.

On the grandson front, they call me well Mommy is making dinner and Mr Ben, the almost 2 year old already went down the deck steps, so Elliot went after him, and listening to him scold his little brother was so dang cute, ' He calls him to come several times and then counts to three, the whole time Ben is saying , NO , so Elliot says, "fine I will go up with out you" I am so laughing, and as Elliot is walking up the stairs, he says" he is following me now grandma he knows when to listen"
Oh how we miss these boys, Found Ken looking at their house on google maps and being teary, and missing them, We knew when they left Ben would grow so fast, but his little hair cut has made him totally look like a big boy, oh how we love them.

Well I think I will go find some Tylenol and pray and try and get this pain to go away a bit, last night I had such a burden for the lost and lonely. Oh their are so many who need to know the Lord , I don't want to feel like a whiner cause I have Fibro , cause I have the greatest thing ever a relationship with the Lord. I love music so will end with this one.

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