Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Finally my back is strong enough that even though it has not been a long duration I have been able to exercise the past 2 days. It feels so great, not to much flare up in back pain, plus the PT girl gave me some core strengthening exercises too and those I can really feel too.
Plus it helps mentally, I have been a bit down and the endorphins really helped lift that today.
Found out my A1C was 5.9 which means I will start getting rid of the last few units of Levimer insulin over the next few days. So exciting, as it has taken me awhile to get over not taking metformin with my meals. It feels great to have beat something as big as diabetes, I don't know how it works but this surgery stops type 2 diabetes. And not having that and the side effects of it will give me a much longer life, Plus I am the only "fat girl" I know who does not have blood pressure problems. All my siblings do and both parents so I do consider my self so blessed in this.
Still having foods that don't always agree with me, but once the vomiting stops like I told my honey, I really do have to say I feel great. It is all about slowing down, last evening I took a Tylenol and didn't get it broke right and boy did it take forever to throw it back up. But then I was fine.
Actually went to a Sunday School meeting and took my own food and did OK. I have not shared this with everyone at church, just a few good friends who have been so very supportive.
So to eat different for me is a big deal, I don't like to have attention on me , but I can not hide forever.
So the house has been cleaner and with the decrease in back pain , I am believing I can keep it that way. still some organizing I want to do before the new little grandson gets here, yet if I don't get it all done I won't beat myself up. That is a new goal for me to be a bit easier on myself. And enjoy each day to the fullest, instead of wishing a day away that could hold many blessings.
I love me anything Beth Moore, and I brought her book "Praying Gods Word', what an awesome book loaded with scripture. I have been using it daily with devotions.
I am so thankful for great worship music that speaks to me, this song has been one I have been listening to lots lately. Lord thank you for loving me!

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