Sunday, April 15, 2012

Another month

Well I am two months out from surgery and for the most part I feel good, getting stronger in PT. and more active, not tolerating to many foods well. I should be trying 1/2 c portions 3 meals a day of regular food and I tend to need more soft foods, and for some reason, lots of things take time to get used to again, I can not handle turkey or chicken, but I couldn't handle eggs for a bit and can again now.
So I am hoping in time for this to change, I am just not a big red meat eater. Have been able to keep very small amounts of spaghetti down, so that is good. I have a life time so I am trying not to rush it or push myself to hard, don't want to end up to discouraged.

As far as other things in life they seem a bit big to try and talk about right now. I think I need to figure them out and Ken and I need to  come to an agreement as to choices we have to make.

Have a Dr appointment tomorrow and will post weights then as I have been hearing in support groups it is not great to weigh your self at home, as weight can go up and down for so many reason. So here is looking at tomorrow.

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