Friday, March 23, 2012

The one month a week late appointment

So it was my one month visit at the surgery center, and I have lost 14.7 pounds, since surgery. All my wounds are healed and I still have a week to wait to lift more then 10# but that is OK.
I meet with the dietitian who said to start soft foods today and in 2 weeks start eating regular food , yet no more then 1/2 cup. So excited. Lunch was some imitation crab meat and it was so great to bite and chew. 
As always it is great to spend time with my man all day like this. This was the first time we have been there , been seen and out in less then 45 minutes, it was great. I liked seeing the surgeon again. He is so very personable, and always so willing to answer questions and teach. He just shakes his head as you tell him all the meds you have been able to give up, for me that is 2 different things for diabetes, with the 3rd being at very minimal doses and almost ready to be discontinued, and 2 pills for my acid reflux, my cholesterol med  and my neurontin ( which I take for my fibro so I may one day need to restart), and I am off  Inderal which I took for tremors and headaches as my blood pressure is so nice and low, high blood pressure has never been an issue for me.  So all in all it has been a great 5 weeks, and a journey I have made for life.So there is no running, just walking each day and believing that I am doing my best to take care of myself and keep myself healthy and as always Willing to do what ever the Lord calls me to.
I was so blessed to chat with my roommate from the hospital last night, she is doing well and asked for prayers for some other issues she is having, so I was so encouraged she would ask me to pray for her. I have learned to try as much as possible when people ask for prayer to pray with them right on the spot. I just love loving on people. And find it a honor to be asked to pray for someone.

Gonna end with a Psalm again today from Psalm143, verse10a, 'Teach me to do thy will, For thou art my God'

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