Saturday, March 10, 2012

Almost a month

It has been almost a month since surgery. I am doing well with the diet, have had a few things that didn't agree with me, but for the most part am handling things well. I have discovered I can do this and I have more confidence in myself then ever.
I so love the Lord, I love this song, cause most of all in life I want more and more of the Lord, I want to live as He directs, and help people. I want to abide in HIM.

I have  been getting out and doing some more with my honey. It some days feels like spring here and others still winter. So energy wise I am well. and that is a plus. Can't wait to restart PT the old back is crooked and needs some help. We spent the afternoon with family and I watched  them bowl and we had a party for my great nephew who turned 2. He is such a little cutie. Next time I hope to be healed enough to bowl. it was a fun afternoon. And my first time with cake around and I had my water bottle and didn't feel I was missing out at all which is great.It was just an awesome family time and I so enjoyed it.
No appointments this week, but the one after is full with PT and to see the surgeon again for follow up. I am excited to see where I am at . I have really been trying not to get on the scale, I know the clothes feel bigger, and I even fit into a smaller sweater last week. SO excited to see what their scale will show.And it will mean on to a soft diet, that I can get ready for , puree can be kinda boring.
So tomorrow is another fun day gonna do a young girl from churches hair, and we are going out to the movies.
Life goes on, good, different and always an adventure.

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