Thursday, March 15, 2012

30 Days later

Wow I can not believe it has been a month already. In many ways this feels normal, a new normal. A good normal. I have been able to get in 48oz of fluid plus a day which is a big thing, and I am tolerating the 3 small meals a day better and better every day.
My blood sugars have been under 100 the last few mornings so it is almost time to update the Dr on that. It is amazing. I am eating to live , not living to eat. I am learning my emotional triggers and with the help of not feeling hunger learning to deal with them and stress just a whole lot different.
I can truly say this has been hard at times, and yet the best thing I have done for myself in a long long time.
I have been avoiding the scale. I just can not bring myself to look. I kinda want to then, something comes up and I forget. Which is fine, with weigh in being next week I kinda wanna be surprised, I was like that pregnant to I wanted to wait till my baby got here to know what it was. I know my clothes are getting bigger, and my chest is getting smaller. I was way to big to begin with so I really don't care about that at all.
The weather here has been so wonderful. I was able to get out yesterday and walk a bit, I had the Dr give me something to get me through till PT as moving was just getting to painful, and just that little bit of relief has made a huge difference.
Been able to do more around the house, I am cleaning my own kitchen, I make my own meals, and I have even started making my honey's meals again, the ones he loves . He is such a potato man, give him potato's in white sauce and veggies and he is happy for days. How he stays thin I will never understand.... But it is better for his body, he isn't a big snacker and doesn't eat under emotional stress.I think that is a big thing to my being heavy. So glad I have started working through these issues.

I love music it is such a comfort to my heart, soul and spirit. This one has been blessing my socks off lately. God is calling us by NAME,I am His and He loves little old me,WOW. I am so amazed by His love.. ENJOY

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