Thursday, March 22, 2012

A day

So I did it, I got my room super clean, scary for  me actually. It looks so good. Now to not be a pack rat and put clothes away right after folding them, that is the new goal for this room. I can't even get started on any other room of this house it gets me to down. It has been way to long.
Well there is a working treadmill in my living room, Thank you Lord, easy fix, a pen was in it and that is what made the noise, but since it was up in a corner of our very messy room, my honey could not get it down to look at it. So glad that He and Chad could get it downstairs and it was so easy to fix!!!!
A wise man once told me keep the room you are in the most clean and tidy and it will lift your spirits, since it seems I spend most time here in the bedroom, I will try that out. After cleaning I can hardly move, I just can not get over having a back like this.

But I thought it would be fun to write what I eat in a day. I am a creature of habit so I have not put to much variety in the puree part of my diet, tomorrow on the other hand, I start soft foods, and have already planed meals for at least a week to eat with my family, It will be great.

So for breakfast depending on how fast I need to leave the house I have
A cup of carnation instant breakfast, it takes about 45 minutes to drink, but then I can take my morning meds before I go and get ready well sipping away.
Other days it is about 1/4-1/3 cup Greek yogurt, I love the stuff, sometimes I will add a oz or 2 of banana or applesauce, I just can not get breakfast down, I tried eggs, and they just were to hard for me, I will revisit them again in the future I am sure

Lunch, is usually a pureed 1/2 cup of soup.

After waiting the 30 minutes after each meal I start sipping water I sip all day and get in 48 oz , so that is good.

Mid afternoon, I have have a protein shake, meaning 1/2 c

Supper has been really basic. !/4 c cottage cheese and 1/4 c re fried beans, it takes 1/2 hour to eat it and sometimes I can't get it all down, but at least between the shakes and other protein foods I am getting almost 50 grams of protein in a day goal is 60 so I am encouraged about that.
Then 30 minutes later I go back to sipping that water

And right before bed I drink the other half of my mid day protein shake, I have found this hold my blood sugars over really well through the night and I wake up with less nausea.

Morning blood sugars have been under 100 for a week. so I am waiting for my Dr to get back from vacation to let me know what to do . It is wild to think of not being diabetic anymore.I have loved the decrease in my meds. Been a totally great thing for my life.

So now that I have sat and now have my back frozen in this position I am off to do some PT exercises.

Psalm 126:3 The Lord has done great things for us , we are glad, NASB

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