Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palm Sunday

This was a wonderful day for the mear fact the Lord is Good, and to be in His house and praise Him, to learn from a God fearing, Bible teaching Pastor... to teach Children that Jesus is what Easter is all about and watch them light up as it comes to make sense to them, Awww yes that is a wonderful day.
Working with kids at church has taught me, why Jesus wants us to be like them, their faith is so innocent, there is no doubt, they believe it, a precious little one this morning told me she believes Pastor more them me,  Bless her precious little heart,not that she did not believe the story I told her but when he confirmed it, she was so delighted, it is that kind of love and respect I love to see in kids, they love with out fear.Only cause of the world do we even have fear, but with Jesus we need to fear not...Oh somedays it is so easy and others I fall back into fear and worry, the future holds something different for us, this I know, I wish I could just know now what it was, I can deal then , how do you deal with the unknown, betting God is saying, "Patience dear child", that is one thing I have known for awhile I have needed to work on. SO I will give it to that today, and enjoy this precious day the Lord has given and wait.

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