Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Simple or complex

I was told today that I am a complex person, to smart to be simple." why would you call your blog my simple life?" I don't consider myself simple minded, just simple in what I believe and how I live, I know I have a brain that is confused by life and all that is happening lately,  and  I know I have used it to hold a very hectic career as a nurse, and I know I have lived through so much in life, sometimes more then I care to remember..... Finding out a niece was having her tonsils out brought out some deep PTSD from when Chris had his out and hemorrhaged.
My mind is a wonderful complex thing, but I wish it wasn't , a girl can dream. But each thing I have gone through has made me who I am. and like I said, I like me, well most the time.
I think I am to hard on my husband. I know I am, it is one of those things where he thinks like a guy and I like a girl, hey maybe cause we are, but going through all this he is much calmer, more trusting, just able to ride the waves, and my fix it NOW mentality doesn't always go with his it will work it self out.. so today, I am sorry I am short with him, no pun intended to the fact he is over a foot taller then me, and I intend to work on it on , as I LOVE YOU MR. KISROW , no matter what .
Now I am off to ice this back of mine, wish I had a simple body, no pain that would be awesome.Instead I have physical problems that keep me from doing all I desire. SO thankful that once we get to heaven we are made new.  So maybe I have some complex things about me, but I just still simply love the Lord and walking with Him, and trying to make life more simple. It is a growing thing.

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