Thursday, April 14, 2011

A start

It is funny to think of this as a start as I have already lived so much life. This is just my page to share , what the Lord has shown me, the hills, the valleys and the mountain tops. My family they are so important to me, Oh how my life is better because of them, Today I was able to talk with my 19 month old grandson who has chosen to call me Neenni, his Jenni version, and nothing makes me happier then being his Neenni, and his brothers too.So Today I start putting life in simple form, what ever happened to pen and paper,  I will chart my journey as I walk it, don't expect much I am as simple as they come, I love daisies, flip flops, you get the idea. But I thank the Lord for the chance to have a place to write it all out. Be blessed!

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