Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 days of Thanksgiving.. Day 1

No, I am not gonna eat turkey every day for a month, not that I don't like it ... I mean real heart felt things I am thankful for though. One a day for a month, seems so easy yet it can be hard. So many days I forget to tell the Lord what I am thankful for, and so many times I forget to tell people that I am thankful for them.

SO to start day one I will tell you I am thankful for my husband, he is patient for the most part with me all the time.
He adores me, even when I feel undeserving, and can not figure out why. He loves unconditionally and with out question, he is an absolute thinking type. Which at times makes for interesting conversations from this emotional thinking girl.

He is exceptionally gifted with wood working, a talent that I don't give him enough attention on. It is amazing what the man can do with a chunk of wood, we are talking, make, bowls, candle holders, vases, a music box. He loves turning wood.

He loves our kids, his and mine so much, and the older they get the more they are learning to appreciate the absolute thinking. I see a relationship between each of them he doesn't cause I am looking from the out side, just like he does for me.

He adores his grandsons and misses them so much, and never complains about it, only says supportive things, and lots of  prayers for his son, our daughter-in -law and grandsons.

Most of all he Loves the Lord with his all his heart, soul mind and strength, is a great spiritual leader for me, and a wonderful soul mate.
And today and every day I am thankful for my husband, may I learn to tell him enough how great I feel he is!

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