Saturday, November 26, 2011

30 days of Thanksgiving day 26

As I read face book and the 30 day of thanksgiving challenge, I see so many who have dropped of now that thanksgiving is over. Oh how I wish we would remember each day to be thankful, I saw a poster that said, "what if you only had today what you were thankful for yesterday?" Today I am thankful for music, it speaks to me... so much, as you can see. So many songs speak to what my heart and soul are crying out to God. I love photos also , but we currently have no camera and so it makes it hard to get those on here. But I want to .I don't want to be a photographer at all not my goal or talent, just want to show the world those things I love. FAMILY mostly I love knowing anything I try in myself, is not going to work unless it is God's will. Yes I can pump gas with out Him, or pay bills with out Him, but as I try and draw deeper to Him, those things are unfulfilled with out Him,for me. So if you see some crazy blond, talking to herself well pumping gas, maybe I am not crazy, maybe I was just being me, :) and needing to talk to my Father.( or maybe I am having a crazy moment and will be talking to Him soon ) So much of life can change in a moment. A child can speak to you and share their little heart and heal yours of so much pain, I so understand why God said we should be like them, they are honest loving and kind. OH to walk so simply through life. As the Christmas season approaches I am vowing to make it a wonderful time, Kristy, Dan and Ben and Elliot will be here from VA, and that in and of it self is such a great gift to Ken and I. Oh How I pray that all hearts may know the true reason about Christmas, that God loved us so very much He sent His one and only son to earth to die in our place... I am so very grateful.

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