Thursday, November 3, 2011

30 days of Thanksgiving 3

Today I am ever so thankful again for Skye, I love to be able to sit and chat in the middle of the day with my grandsons, whom I am over the moon thankful for, and their wonderful mommy and daddy... When the idea they were first moving  to the  Dc, area came out. I was shocked and sad. So much we would miss. But thanks to Skye we can talk and pretend to tickle and blow kisses back and forth, and we have watched Ben grown from a little 18 month old to a 21/2 year old. Elliot has grown so much, he can dial the phone and ask you to get online, he is writing his name, and we get to see it all.
They will be home over Christmas and I am so excited. Real hugs, I can't wait.
I am so thankful for the beautiful little family they are and the ability to still see and hear them so frequently!

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